Consulting & Implementation

Open Source Management Assessment & Optimization

Some open source management programs experience overwhelming amounts of compliance and security issues which may lead to a backlog of activities and eventually costly remediation, caused by inefficient processes and workflows. FOSSAware consults you on your existing open source management program regarding the optimization of processes and workflows and risk-based approvals methodology Aligned with your commercial vision and risk appetite.

Open Source Security Optimization

The Open Source software you use, and how you get it, can significantly impact the security of the result. Much like any other software Open Source Software may have design and coding flaws that lead to software vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, managing Open Source Software requires dedicated tools and methodologies to reduce security risks and ensure business continuity.

Open Source Strategy

Open Source Software has become an essential part of modern software development and its main building block. Under managing, open source software reduces its potential benefits and imposes unnecessary risks. FOSSAware provides you with the necessary help and advice for developing a clear and solid open source organizational strategy and Policy to mitigate these risks.

Open Source Program Implementation

Having an Open Source Strategy and Policy does not unfold its maximum potential if it is poorly implemented. FOSSAware helps you successfully implement the Open Source Management Program starting from the pilot stage to a fully functional management program.

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